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Public speaking and presentation workshop

17:00 - 18:00
Kategorie: workshop
Adresa konání:
28. října 2 Ostrava 70200
Anglický workshop prezenčních dovedností s ostravským řečnickým klubem Tak!Mluv.

Fear and dread are the feelings that many, not excluding professionals, associate with speaking in public. Establishing credibility and enhancing value to any venture undertaken, it is the ability to organise a clear and persuasive presentation / speech and to deliver it with confidence that sets speakers apart. Difficult as this may seem, it is a skill which can be acquired, honed and mastered. Are you interested or in need of learning it for your personal or professional development? Then make sure you attend our workshop.

The agenda:
  • Speakers' warm-up exercise
  • Impromptu speeches with instant feedback
  • Educative speech with evalulation and more

Tak!Mluv Ostrava, a non-profit organisation without any affiliation to politics or religion, aims to improve public speaking and presentation skills. Moreover, it is genuinely proud to boast its friendly, informal atmosphere.
Come, learn, have fun!
P. S. Speaking is voluntary, but highly advisable. After all, it is the point of the whole workshop, isn’t it?