Virtuální výstava prací z workshopu Smartphone Photography

In the Fall of 2022, we hosted a Smartphone Photography Workshop with American Photographer Darren Foti. This was an online, virtual hybrid style workshop where the participants either joined online from their home or together as a group at the Ostrava city library. The instructor taught the course from Frisco, Colorado USA.  There were a total of three sessions that the group met to learn and discuss how to take better photos with their smartphones. We are delighted to share some of the pictures that were created during the workshop and we have put together this photo gallery for a look back highlighting the participants‘ photos.  

The first session of the workshop covered many topics ranging from composition, camera angles, use of a flash, camera modes and even some basic tips like making sure the lens on your phone is clean. The participants were given a homework assignment to walk 10 blocks from their home and take pictures for the assignment. 

The second session of the workshop emphasized using the newly learned techniques and the homework assignment for this session was to take one photo (or subject) three different ways. The three different ways could mean different styles and techniques of composition or technical aspects. The participants were encouraged to move around the scene and try to find the best way to photograph that scene. 

For the third and final session of the workshop the participants learned about basics of photo editing and filters and how to use those tools on their phones. The final homework assignment was to edit one of their previously submitted photos.

The photographs featured in the virtual exhibition were taken by John Broks, Hana English, Darren Foti, Alison Jurišta, Jan Křístek, Blanka Mintonová and Patrick Partington.

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